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December Home Energy Assessment Winner - Christian & Joni P.

(We) “are eternally grateful of the fact that you worked so hard to share information with builders, contractors and homeowners… While it was not apparent that there was any mold to be found, your thoroughness and attention to detail found that there was not only mold, but there was mold that could be harmful – even fatal – to someone like me… We are grateful to have been given your insight and advice.”
- L. Bruce

“The family’s house was found to be infected from Aspergillus and Stachybotrys Chartarum… they have had multiple upper respiratory infections including bronchitis, ear infections, chronic cough and congestion … chronic sinus congestion and irritations of their upper respiratory tracts. Some of the toxins can also infect the urinary system, reproductive system, and immune system... The family noticed significant improvement in their symptoms since leaving the house. “
- E. Frye, MD (Writing about the experiences of one of her patients.)

“I invested $5,894 and received a $1,715 return in the first year. That is a $17,150 return over the next 10 years. I save an average of 700 gallons on LP gas each winter plus now I’m comfortable.”
- Doug E.

“I invested $16,785 and received a $650 per month return on investment and an annual return of $7,800. Over 10 years that is $78,000 – tax free. AHA added new equipment and modified the ductwork. The lobby is now comfortable, my utility bills are lower and I saved a pile of money. Thanks AHA.”

- G. LaCour, Hampton Inn & Suites


“…I have and will recommend your company to other people because you made the changes I felt needed to be made. Other companies might not have done this. I feel that you are a very reliable organization.”
- M. Hylton

“…Over the past nine years your business has maintained and provided electrical service, HVAC service and maintenance for the various properties that I manage and own. This service is consistently performed by your employees with a professionalism not experienced with most companies…”
- W. LaCour

“…I would heartily recommend you to friends. I wish every company I dealt with provided such fine service.”
- J. Moran

“..I appreciate the professionalism your personnel demonstrated. As promised, each day, our house was left as they found it. In fact, I had to look in the attic to see that they had been here…”
- W. Arnold

“… Albemarle Heating & Air is a great company with wonderful, talented, dedicated people I enjoy having in my house and business. Needless to say- I don’t even call anyone else when I have heating or cooling needs. I highly recommend Albemarle Heating & Air to everyone I know!”
- P. Bosworth

“…It was gratifying to be treated with such courtesy and kindness. I have sung your praises to many friends…”
- S. Kavanaugh

“…I give very few personal recommendations, but if I am asked which Heating and Air Conditioning contractor I recommend, there is only one choice, Albemarle Heating & Air.”
- B. Webb

“After the upgrades and new duct installation, I have been very pleased with the comfort level of heat throughout the whole house. Gone is the vibration, noise and uneven heat flow. For the first time in many years, I can go barefoot inside.”
- M. Crane

“Home maintenance and repair can be very stressful, but in this case, everything went very smoothly from beginning to end, because everyone involved obviously cared about doing a good job. You ought to offer a course in how to run a business!”
- E. Burdash

These are just a few of the many customers who we are proud to serve.