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ESA Preventive Maintenance Program

Never having to pay full price for service again is just one of the benefits you'll receive when you enroll in our ESA Preventive Maintenance Program. You'll also receive two comprehensive precision tune-ups, which will help keep your heating and air conditioning system operating at peak efficiency. Each one of your comprehensvie precision tune-ups will be performed by one of our professionally trained and certified technicians.

The complete list of benefits you'll receive when you enroll in our ESA Preventive Maintenance Program are listed below. 

       Service Discounts

Reduced diagnostic fee. 20% discount on all repair parts and labor.                                                                     


Peace Of Mind 

With your semi-annual precision tune-ups your equipment receives the preventative maintenance it needs to help provide you with year-round trouble-free operation with fewer repairs.


EZ Pay Option

Eliminate the inconvenience of writing checks and remembering to mail in your membership renewal. Use your credit card for your enrollment in our ESA preventative Maintenance Program on a pro-rated monthly basis.


Multi-System Discount* 

You'll receive a 10% discount on your second system and a 15% discount on any additioanl systems. *All systems must be in the same home.


Priority Service

You receive priority service response if or when an unexpected problem occurs.


Continuous Comfort*

If your system's not working we'll provide you with either a window air conditioner or a portable electric heater to help  bridge the gap until your system is repaired. *Limited quantities available. 


        Keep Your Manufacturer Warranty Intact 

Most manufacturers require you to have your equipment professionally maintained to keep your warranty intact. The semi-annual precision tune-ups satisfy the manufacturer's requirements.


Membership Is Transferable

Should you sell your home, you can transfer your ESA Preventive Maintenance Program membership to your new home (provided it's within our service area), or you can transfer it to the new owners.


Lower Utility Bills

Studies have shown that regular maintenance of your heating & air conditioning equipment can significantly reduce your operating costs.








NOTE: Your ESA Preventive Maintenance Program agreement is NOT an insurance policy. The agreement provides for inspections and maintenance along with discounts on parts and services as described herein. We reserve the right to cancel or modify this program without notice.